A downloadable game for macOS and Linux

A Clumsy Dino Ruined FILO the Robot's picnic! Can you help an unreasonably angry robot take their revenge on the Dinos?

RoboVDino is a top-down action game where you must collect Stuff to knock Dinos out, pick the Dinos up, and throw them into each level's corral. FILO the Robot can't injure the Dinos, so be quick to collect the Dinos before they wake up and come after you!

Enjoy a fun, easy-to-control, and not-too-hard adventure that lets anybody play. Bring friends and family to join in with local co-op play!

Adorable Dinos will breathe fire, charge fiercely, and deflect your attacks. Stun them with tasty food and heavy firepower like exploding rockets and coconuts, but watch out! The Dinos can make FILO explode and reassemble, if you get too close!

Explore historically accurate (not really) dinosaur habitats like the Dino-Shore, RAWRcade, and Stock Rex-change to collect all the Stuff and Dinos hidden throughout the game like hockey pucks, rubber bands, sandwiches, and more!


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