v.1.1 update and come see us at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2018!

If this dinosaur could talk, it would say: "update today and quit throwing garbage at me!"

Throw! MORE! Garbage! At! ANOTHER! Dinosaur! RoboVDino's first update!


  • Stegosaurus: Watch out for this dino's spinning tail attack. It can't be stopped, but Stego gets dizzy and passes out.
  • Nachos: Throw this tasty trash at dinos to knock 'em out.
  • GameFeller: This retro handheld is game over for dinos!


  • Added version number to main menu 
  • Fixed controller disconnect persistence issue where players that disconnected their controller would hang around after starting a new run.
Having a good time 1 year ago

And, if you're in Portland, get to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo at the Oregon Convention Center! We're going to be showing the *new update* in all its glory at booth 620.


robovdino-windows 32-bit.zip 21 MB
Version 11 Oct 19, 2018
robovdino-windows 64-bit.zip 24 MB
Version 11 Oct 19, 2018
robovdino-mac.zip 26 MB
Version 11 Oct 19, 2018
robovdino-linux 32-bit.zip 26 MB
Version 12 Oct 19, 2018
robovdino-linux 64-bit.zip 26 MB
Version 11 Oct 19, 2018

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