Emerald City Comic Con 2018!

Sakura-Con 2011, Seattle (5652428041)

I'm excited to say I'll be demoing RoboVDino at Emerald City Comic Con Indie Games Showcase! If you're going to be in Seattle, come play RoboVDino at the WA State Convention Center March 1-3. I'll have RoboVDino available for play at these times:

  • Thu Mar 1, 11 - 2 PM
  • Thu Mar 1, 8 - 11 PM
  • Fri Mar 2, 5 - 8 PM
  • Sat Mar 3, 11 - 2 PM

There are also going to be some other fantastic games to play at the Showcase, including Spooky Buns' Plunge and Humble Hearts' Never Stop Sneakin' (I might be a big fan of both games!).

There's a lot of prep I still need to put into RoboVDino before it's Emerald City ready, but thankfully I have some great testers helping me out! They already found a bunch of ways to make RoboVDino better, here's the list of release notes for our latest alpha build:

New features:
  - Added data erase menu to main menu so players can reset tutorial data.

Gameplay Changes:
  - Capped map sizes to 48x48 grid, down from 72x72. This should reduce the amount of map that is on a non-essential path and increase dino density.
  - Improved Enemy AI pathfinding by tweaking ASTAR settings
  - Tweaked difficulty and goal increase so it starts slightly higher and doesn't climb nearly as fast.
  - Reduced splash damage area of rockets by 25%
  - Allowing an unlimited number of dinos on Party Boats to help with difficulty curve

QOL changes:
  - Added mappings for Nintendo Switch Pro and Joy-Con controllers
  - Changed gamepad mapping so left shoulder buttons will throw items (should allow players with limited mobility play single-handed).
  - Made tutorial smaller and added transparency to it when any player is walking south.
  - Swapped results card title font to Smart for readability.
  - Changed "Press Any *" to "Press A" or "Press Ctrl" (since you gotta press those)
  - Added initial "Press Ctrl" or "Press A" screen so the input manager could detect a player controller for menu navigation.
  - Added arrow keys as a keyboard input.

Bug fixes:
  - Players drop held Stuff on exitting a run by losing or through the menu.
  - Fixed issue with controls help card causing screen to freeze when pulled up in-game.
  - Fixed issue with player punch-in screen not picking up freshly connected controllers.
  - Made it so players can not pick up stuff while exploding.


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Feb 23, 2018
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Feb 23, 2018

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And I'm glad you were there! It was great meeting you and seeing this game. Looking forward to it coming out!