V1.2! Come get your donut and bug fixes!

RoboVDino is getting its last (only) update for 2019! For this update, you're looking at:

  • A donut! You can throw these at dinos in the office
  • New trail effect for thrown trash
  • Added middle-of-view respawn for players crushed by camera
  • Updated Unity to 2019
  • Dropped support for Linux x86 (Unity 2019 no longer supports Linux on 32-bit machines)
  • Removed splashscreen
  • Fixed several bugs!

If you haven't had the chance, try RoboVDino using Steam's new Remote Play Together feature, it works better than I thought it would. Enjoy Rexmas with the fam by throwing garbage at dinosaurs!

Thank you for giving time to my little throw-garbage-at-dinosaurs game, that time is what keeps me going :)



win.zip 38 MB
Dec 19, 2019
win32.zip 35 MB
Dec 19, 2019
mac.zip 64 MB
Dec 19, 2019
linux.zip 95 MB
Dec 19, 2019

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