Bug fixes and new animations!

Off the top, this build has some broken animation transitions that result in really delayed transitions (e.g. the robot will sometimes animate the explosion long after it has already exploded). I'll try to get this fixed soon, but more importantly, these current fixes!

  • Fixed issue with dinos getting stuck in deep water which should also fix the issue described at the end of this topic here.
  • Deep water will make the robot drown if the player goes out too far (don't worry, you'll still respawn!)
  • New explosion animation for the robot
  • New drown animation for the robot
  • New stun and party animation for the t-rex


rvd.apk 22 MB
Oct 11, 2017
linux.zip 17 MB
Oct 11, 2017
mac.zip 15 MB
Oct 11, 2017
windows.zip 12 MB
Oct 11, 2017

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