Demo for PRGE

This batch of builds should reflect the demo I'll have at PRGE. Changes include:

  • Added a tutorial to the first level to help orient new players
  • Added a way to disable aim assist (it is on a per-level basis, I plan on filing a bug report for this, but I figured it was important to make this feature at least sort-of available for QA purposes)
  • Narrowed the aim assist so the player would have to aim a little more accurately to hit dinos.
  • Fixed timing issues on animations (transitions were broken in a couple of places)
  • Fixed an issue where the little water ripples around units would appear on a dino on the boat

Files 30 MB
Oct 15, 2017 15 MB
Oct 15, 2017 12 MB
Oct 15, 2017
rvd.apk 22 MB
Oct 15, 2017

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