Simple Ways to Make Pixel Art Look Sharp in Unity

A few weeks ago on the @RoboVDino Twitter, I retweeted this excellent thread by @Davitsu. I had already implemented most of the tips in the thread, but this one tip really helped me out:

Link to this tweet.

I had already disabled filtering, but by disabling compression on sprite import, this is the difference it made for RoboVDino:

...proportions were fixed...

...missing details were now back...

...and the weird mid-tones blurring around details were removed!

They're minor details, but that's the nature of pixel art. Continuous refinement can get you very far in improving the look of a character.  Just look at how today's Filo looks compared to a year ago!

Besides polished pixels, RoboVDino has been making lots of progress. If you follow our Twitter, you'll see new animations, characters, and even maps!

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